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Under Honolulu Moon
Ukulele Arrangement -- “Travis Picking” -- Key of F

The lyrics of this song were written by Larry W. Jones. I wrote the music, and Larry was kind enough to allow me to change the title (for my purposes at least) from the original “Under Hanale’i Moon.” Hanale’i is a beautiful place in Hawaii, second to none -- including Honolulu of course -- but Honolulu is a little more well known to us outsiders and I don’t know how to pronounce Hanale’i, so to the good citizens of Hanale’i and all of its supporters, please accept my apologies, and feel free to change the words back as they should be.

The arrangement below is basically the way I recorded it but it can be played very easily by beginners by just strumming 4 chords -- F, Bb, C7, and G7. If you want to play it that way just disregard all of the individual notes in the tablature and go by the chord names. Don’t worry about playing any chord variations... the basic chords will sound fine.

The tablature is written on two different tablature staffs. The top one just contains the melody, which would be the singing, so you don’t have to play that. However, you can play it if you want to as you’re trying to learn the melody. The bottom tablature staff contains what you would play on the uke. The first four measures are just a short intro, then the accompaniment for the verses starts on measure 5. Throughout the verses where the melody notes are I have arranged the accompaniment as pattern picking -- simply picking various notes of chords in a pattern. I used a couple of patterns that work fine, but these can be varied in a lot of different ways as you’re more comfortable with this style of playing. The instrumental part, which I played between verses 1 and 2, incorporates the melody into the picking.

Throughout the song your thumb should alternate between the 4th and 3rd strings. The right hand fingers you should use are written below the tablature, and you’ll notice that the (T)humb always plays the 4th and 3rd strings, the (I)ndex finger plays the 2nd string, and the (M)iddle finger plays the 1st string.