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Guckert’s Chords for the Ukulele (1917)

--> Introduction
--> Front Cover
--> Page 1
--> Page 2
--> Page 3
--> Page 4
--> Page 5
Key of C Major -- (C, F, G)
Key of A Minor -- (Am, Dm, E)

--> Page 6
Key of G Major -- (G, C, D)
Key of E Minor -- (Em, Am, B)

--> Page 7
Key of F Major -- (F, Bb, C)
Key of D Minor -- (Dm, Gm, A)

--> Page 8
Key of Bb Major -- (Bb, Eb, F)
Key of G Minor -- (Gm, Cm, D)

--> Page 9
Key of D Major -- (D, G, A)
Key of B Minor -- (Bm, Em, F#)

--> Page 10
Key of A Major -- (A, D, E)
Key of F# Minor -- (F#m, Bm, C#)

--> Page 11
Key of Eb Major -- (Eb, Ab, Bb)
Key of C Minor -- (Cm, Fm, G)

--> Page 12
Key of Ab Major -- (Ab, Db, Eb)
Key of F Minor -- (Fm, Bbm, C)

--> Page 13
Key of Db Major -- (Db, Gb, Ab)
Key of Bb Minor -- (Bbm, Ebm, F)

--> Page 14
Key of E Major -- (E, A, B)
Key of C# Minor -- (C#m, F#m, G#)

--> Page 15
Key of B Major -- (B, E, F#)
Key of G# Minor -- (G#m, C#m, D#)

--> Page 16
Key of F# Major -- (F#, B, C#)
Key of D# Minor -- (D#m, G#m, A#)

--> Page 17
Principal Diminished Chords
Ending Chord Modulation in C

--> Page 18
Modulation Key of C
Modulation Key of G
Modulation Key of F

Page 19
Modulation Key of Bb
Modulation Key of D
Modulation Key of Eb

--> Page 20
A Simple Method of Transposing

--> Back Cover

The Original Guckert’s Chords for the Ukulele at Sight Without Notes or Teacher” is a small but still useful ukulele chord book that was published by The Union Music Company in Toledo, Ohio, in 1917. Now in the public domain, it is presented here in its entirety (20 pages).

The chords are presented in the modern C tuning (G-C-A-E) and the preface of the book contains a bit of information on “strokes,” or what we would probably refer to as strumming patterns.

The menu on the left will help you to navigate to the page of your choice.

Have fun!