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Hard Time Killin' Floor
Fingerstyle Guitar - Crossnote Tuning: DADFAD
Richard Hefner

This might be the most interesting song on the entire O Brother CD. It’s an old blues song that I actually learned from a guy at the Union Grove Fiddlers Convention back in the 1970s. My version sounds a little different than the movie version but they are fairly close. The timing is approximate. Be sure to tune your guitar in crossnote tuning. This is a tuning that I’ve heard was fairly popular with the old-time bluesmen but this is the only song I know in crossnote tuning (DADFAD). Now is the time that your electronic tuner will come in handy. If you are familiar with open D tuning, the only difference here is that the 3rd string is tuned down to F instead of F#, which results in an open D minor (Dm) chord.
The best way to get a feel for the tablature is to listen to the MP3. The MIDI is computer generated and loses a bit in the translation.
This MP3 can be heard on my MySpace page. Click here to listen.


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Illustrations by Jesper Deleuran

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