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House of the Rising Sun
Key of Em - Melody & Accompaniment

House of the Rising Sun provides great practice for beginners because all of the chords are basic chords that you will use many times in the future. The melody notes are very simple and should be fairly easy even if you are just starting out. This song has been recorded by everybody from the Animals to Doc Watson and everybody does it a little differently. My recording (click on the MP3 link below) is a combination of the 6/8 arpeggio pattern and the 4/4 pattern picking arrangements but you can play the song any way you choose to.

Note: As with all of the “Melody & Accompaniment” arrangements on ezFolk, there are two lines of tablature -- you just play one line at a time. The melody (top line) is provided mostly for a reference, but playing the melody notes is great practice for beginning guitarists. The bottom line (accompaniment) shows you the chords that should be played along with basic strumming to accompany the song. For the best practice on this song, switch between playing the melody and accompaniment.