Church in the Wildwood
Bluegrass Banjo - Key of G -  Level 1

Someone asked if it might be possible to highlight the melody notes in the banjo tablatures so I thought I’d give it a try. The melody notes are in a larger bold font than the filler notes. You can compare it to the arrangement that just contains the melody and get an idea how I have put it all together. It’s good to accent the melody notes if you can. One way to accent the melody is to play the melody note with the thumb, and you’ll notice that many (but not all) of the melody notes below are played with the thumb. Another way of accenting the melody notes is by playing them as quarter notes, and that is done here also much of the time.

It’s always nice to mix things up and it’s not necessary to play every melody note. In the Level 1 arrangement I left the melody basically just as the melody arrangement is written out, but in Levels 2 and 3 various changes were made such as moving the melody notes to the left or right a little or even leaving them out completely and replacing them with common licks instead.