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House of the Rising Sun
Clawhammer Banjo - Key of Em - Level 3


House of the Rising Sun is one of my favorite songs for clawhammer banjo. It’s a song not usually heard on the banjo but it works out well and is pretty easy to play. On my MP3 recording I played it almost exactly as in my arrangement below throughout the song. This is more of an accompaniment arrangement since I’m singing on every verse and I’m just doing basic clawhammer patterns with my right hand, but the sound of the chord progression for this song is so familiar to most people that the underlying melody just kind of jumps out at you. I put the tab at a “Level 3” because of the drop thumb, but if you’re at a more basic level of playing just try a standard bum ditty with the chords and it’ll still sound pretty good.

Very Slow MIDI


Normal MIDI