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Big Rock Candy Mountain
Guitar - Key of C - Melody and Accompaniment
Richard Hefner

I have heard a lot of different variations of this song over the years. This arrangement is based on the Harry McClintock recording that is the opening song in the movie, O Brother Where Art Thou? On my MP3 recording I have a capo on the 2nd fret so I am really in the key of D if you want to play along with me. You can play it with or without a capo -- whatever suits your voice. The guitar break played on my MP3 recording can be found at this link. The Harry McClintock recording does not have a guitar break. As always, keep in mind that there are two different lines of tablature here. The top line is simply the melody of the song to help you play along and learn the accompaniment line on the bottom. If you are a beginner it would be good practice to switch around and play the melody line for practice playing single strings.

This MP3 can be heard on my MySpace page. Click here to listen.

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Illustrations by Jesper Deleuran

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