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Welcome to the ezFolk Public Domain Music Library! The books listed below are reprinted in their entirety on ezFolk. Just click on the book cover or book name to view the book online.

All of the books are in the public domain and you can use any of the individual song arrangements or learning materials any way you wish.









aaa-foster-200The Melodies of Stephen C. Foster

Published in 1909
Limited Edition (Only 300 copies were made)
307 pages

A collection of over 150 songs by Stephen C. Foster. The book contains full lyrics and standard musical notation.




200-cover-songs-of-the-cowboysSongs of the Cowboys

Published in 1921
Compiled by N. Howard “Jack” Thorp
187 pages

The first printed collection of cowboy songs. A classic collection printed in 1921 that includes all of the 1908 material plus 25 songs written by the author.




000-cover-200Folk Songs of Many Nations

Published in 1905
Collected & Edited by Louis C. Elson
171 pages

Many folk songs of various countries including American, Austrian, Bohemian, Castilian, Canadian, English, French, German, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Netherlands, Polish, Russian, Scotch, Slavonic, Swedish, Swiss, and Welch.




aaa-tilzer-200 Harry Von Tilzer’s Old Time Favorite Hits

Published in 1922
65 pages

From the Preface: “In this wonderful collection of old time hits, you will find ballads, waltz songs, march songs, coon songs, and novelty songs.”




200-cover-tunes-dad-whistledThe Tunes Dad Whistled

Published in 1921
32 pages

A collection of 18 songs that were popular in the late 19th and early 20th century, published by The Baldwin Piano Company.




aaa-cover-kymt-200Twenty Kentucky Mountain Songs

Published in 1920
115 pages

A collection of twenty traditional folk songs (with piano arrangements) that were popular in the mountains of Kentucky. The words were collected by Loraine Wyman, the melodies collected and piano accompaniments added by Howard Brockway.










aaa-cover-1909mpg-200The Most Popular Songs for the Guitar

Published in 1909
128  pages

A collection of 94 songs with guitar arrangements “in easy keys for medium voice.” This book was published before the popularity of tablature and even guitar chord symbols, but the arrangements are very playable and would make excellent practice for someone who reads or is learning to read standard guitar music.










000kamiki-200The Kamiki Ukulele Method

by William J. Smith (1922)
64 pages

An excellent introduction to traditional Hawaiian style ukulele that explains strokes, rolls, and other techniques. Written for D tuning and contains chord charts and exercises in D.




aaa-bailey-200 A Practical Method for Self Instruction on the Ukulele and Banjo Ukulele

by N. B. Bailey (1914)
38 pages

From the Introduction: “Prepared especially for self study, great care has been taken in giving the instructions in the simplest form and language. By our copyrighted system no knowledge of music is necessary and any person who will follow the instructions carefully will very quickly acquire a proficiency which will result in much enjoyment from the instrument.”




aaa-funnysings-200 Funny Sings for Ukulele

Compiled by Franz Yahn (1920)
31 pages

A collection of 17 old-time fun songs arranged for ukulele with ukulele chord diagrams.




aaa-nst-200National Self Teacher
for Hawaiian Ukulele

Published in 1915
16 pages

“An easy system by which, after slight practice, anyone can play at sight all the popular airs and any music adapted for the instrument. No tedious study of notes or scales is required as only the necessary rudiments are given in condensed form.








aaa-cover-200Songs for the Banjo in C Notation

Published in 1919
88 pages

This collection of 56 songs includes many old favorites and a number that had never before been published. According to the publisher, “This is the only song collection for banjo published in this country in C notation. The accompaniments are effective and banjoistic, and none of them too difficult for the average performer.”




eclipse-200 The Eclipse Self Instructor for Banjo

Published in 1915
64 pages

Old-time banjo method book for 5-string banjo written by Paul DeVille. The book uses the key of A as the “natural” key for the banjo as well as standard notation so it might not be too practical for today’s players, but it provides good insight into the way things used to be done and includes 139 banjo tunes that will be useful to some players.




000-stahl-tenor-200William C. Stahl’s
New Method for Tenor Banjo

Published in 1919
70 pages

From the Preface: “In presenting this work to the Banjo Students of America, the author expresses the hope that it may in some degree contribute to make the science and art of banjo playing a study of much pleasure. The design has been, to compress in a small volume the leading principles of practical banjo playing...”








000cover-jigs-200 Harding’s All-Round Collection
of Jigs, Reels, and Country Dances

Published in 1922
64 pages

A collection of 200 fiddle tunes including jigs, reels, and country dances arranged for piano, violin, flute, or mandolin.









000-warsongs-200War Songs

Published in 1883
96 pages

“War Songs for anniversaries and gatherings of [Civil War] soldiers, to which is added a selection of songs and hymns for Memorial Day. The choruses of all the songs are arranged for male voices.”

The book includes lyrics and music (standard notation) for 53 songs.




000-cover-200Old War Songs
Supplement to the “Acme Haversack of Patriotism and Song”

Published around 1900
64 pages

This advertising song booklet contains patriotic and military songs as well as lots of old-time advertising from businesses in the Ohio cities of Columbus, Marion, and Bucyrus . You could get 6 meals for $1.00 at Long’s Dining Room, a first-class room at the Bryden Hotel for $1.00, or a full set of false teeth from a local dentist for $3.00.