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Aura Lee
Key of G - Melody & Accompaniment

“Aura Lee” is a beautiful old folk song that was first published in 1861 and was popular with the Union Army during the Civil War.  In 1956 Elvis Presley changed the lyrics and the song title and this tune became one of his biggest hits -- “Love Me Tender.”

This accompaniment arrangement can be played either finger style or with a flatpick. The pattern for both is written below. On my MP3 recording I played it finger style. You’ll notice that instead of playing a standard D or D7 chord I played a “D7 add 9” chord instead. This is just like a C7 chord moved up 2 frets, which results in a D7. The ninth that is added is the 1st string open, which is an E note. Playing it like that I was able to keep the picking pattern the same throughout the song. If a regular D or D7 sounds better to you that’s fine, but you’ll need to adjust the picking pattern slightly (playing the regular D chord in this order works fine: 4-3-2-3-1-2-3-2).